Echelon Plus aluminum fencing is the highest quality residential and light commercial ornamental aluminum fence in the industry. Echelon Plus is best known for its remarkable strength which is derived from a unique ForeRunner rail design. The ForeRunner rail allows this aluminum fence system to follow changes in elevation while maintaining security under the fence. The component design gives the Echelon family several distinct characteristics: the ability to follow grade as much as 30” over 8’, no visible picket to rail fasteners, and unparalleled strength. All of these features make Echelon Plus by Ameristar the leader in aluminum fencing



4′ feet and 6′ Also Popular. Other heights available on special order.

Our Classic style is a classic look with a pressed spear adorning the picket top, appearing through the top rail. This ever popular style is perfect for many projects.   Due to its unique design, Echelon is one the strongest residential aluminum fences on the market today. It is available in 2 or 3 rails with a flush bottom rail option. Decorative rings and scrolls can be added for a more ornate look.



4′ feet and 6′ Also Popular. Other heights available on special order.

Majestic’s smooth top rail feature is ideally suited for a variety of applications including swimming pools. Reinforced posts, patented rail design and 3/4-inch pickets result in one of the strongest aluminum fences in the industry. Majestic is available in 2 or 3 rail configurations with or without a flush bottom rail. In addition, decorative rings and scrolls can be added for a more customized look.



4′ feet and 6′ Also Popular. Other heights available on special order.

Genesis style features the traditional look of a squared off picket design through the top rail reminiscent of traditional wrought iron. For a more custom look, a selection of finials, decorative rings and scrolls can be added. Genesis features reinforced posts, specially extruded rail and ¾ -inch pickets and is available in 2 or 3 rails, with a flush bottom rail option.



4′ feet and 6′ Also Popular. Other heights available on special order.

Like our Classic style, Warrior is a through picket style with a pressed spear adorning each picket top. Warrior’s picket tops, however, alternate in height providing a unique look across the panel not seen with many ornamental fences.  Two or three rail options are available along with adornments such as rings and it even comes with a flush bottom option.



4′ feet and 6′ Also Popular. Other heights available on special order.

Ameristar’s Majestic and Classic styles combine to create Conqueror. Popular for pool or backyard fencing, Conqueror provides a smooth top rail and a pressed spear look by alternating every other picket, one moving through the middle rail to the top rail with the next below the top rail as a pressed spear. Because of our superior rail, post and picket design in Echelon Plus, Conqueror is one of the strongest ornamental aluminum fences on the market.



Only available in a 6′ panel length.

Monarch is designed primarily for pool fencing where the need for both a smooth top and flush bottom rail is required. Monarch is designed to meet the vast majority of local swimming pool codes. Check with your local authority prior to installation for details on local codes for pool fences.


Welded Swing Gates

Swing gates are available to match all Echelon Plus panel designs and they employ double thick components welded at all intersections. Tests show that the Echelon Plus gates are capable of holding three times the weight.

Arched Swing Gates

Single and double swing gates can be manaufactured with arched toprails spaced to match the appropriate Echelon Plus panel designs. Arched swing gates have the same all welded construction as standard Echelon Plus gates.


Decorative accessories include picket tops, post caps, and scrolls. Also available is the patented cast aluminum ring that is firmly attached between rails without screws or rivets.

Raising Fence Expectations

At last, quality has been raised to exceed industry standards; to reach the level of quality demanded by your active lifestyle.

Fencing in and around outdoor living areas, whether associated with individual homes or entire communities, are constantly in harm’s way. The unique shape and extra size of Echelon Plus™ components will reduce the risk of failures.

Understanding this increasingly perilous environment, Ameristar designed Echelon Plus™ with components that were significantly increased in size and shape. Ameristar delivers the fence for your lifestyle.

Adornment Styles

Quad Flare


Ball Cap

Florentine Scroll

Butterfly Scroll